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Time management on Twitter

Time management strategies on twitter

If you are reading this post, it signifies that you enjoy working with Twitter like me, but you are looking for a solution to manage your time on Twitter. Twitter is one of the most prevalent social networks in the world. On Twitter, users write various things about themselves, others and life. Social networks have become the most important means of communication to spread thoughts and events, but addiction to social media is wrong. Excessive use of social community can lead to Internet addiction. To prevent internet addiction, we must first be able to have proper time management. Time management is the capability to plan and control how to use time. We make the best use of every moment of our life by managing our time. Those who need better time management face problems in achieving the big goals of their lives. They spend days in vain without fulfilling their dreams. In this article, I will inform you of the most straightforward time management solutions on Twitter.

Time management strategies on Twitter

1. Don’t be passive

Some Twitter addicts tell me, “I spend hours on Twitter for no reason without even tweeting. What I do is read other people’s tweets or like their posts. Suddenly I realize that hours have passed and I haven’t done anything.” Such people are used to being on Twitter. They don’t come to Twitter to do something; they come to this app to think they should be! The best solution for such users is to close the application after going to Twitter if they don’t do anything after 10 minutes. Being in vain on Twitter and surfing is like a swamp that sinks you into itself. It is you who should command Twitter, not let Twitter rule you.

2. Periodically go to Twitter

We do various things throughout the day and night, so if we want to be on Twitter for a long time, we can’t get to the valuable daily plans. For this, the “Periodic Twitter Technique” can be suitable. Plan to be on Twitter for 5 to 10 minutes every hour and log off when this time is up. This time may seem very little to you, but by doing this, you will be on Twitter for almost 120 minutes daily. Reducing the time spent working with Twitter makes your activity on social networks more purposive. If you’re on Twitter for more than 30 minutes, you simply can’t get out of it and constantly looking for fresh content to entertain you.

3. Reducing the amount of content to read

Are all the tweets you read from other people on your timeline helpful? We don’t like a lot of content and even find it annoying. Since people freely publish their thoughts, we should seek to read the content we are interested in and avoid reading irrelevant and annoying writings. It is better to narrow the circle of users you follow. Twitter has an option called Mute that helps you avoid reading tweets without unfollowing users. Reduce the time of reading tweets by using this option. But if I prefer to unfollow these people!

4. Like yes, like no

Like button on Twitter has no meaning for some users. They read everything as a robot. Interestingly, even we like many tweets without reading them! This button is designed to select your favorite tweets and posts. Some people think it is better to show others that we read their tweets by liking them. My advice to you is to tap this button less. This way, when you like tweets, others will be happier. Rare things are more valuable. It can also be true for likes. I remembered the conversation between my two friends when Jack said: “Henry, what do you think about that tweet of mine that you liked?” And Henry didn’t even know which tweet he was referring to. He could have sworn he hadn’t seen a single tweet from him in the past week. It is because of the conditioning in liking that we must avoid.

5. Targeted tweets

All Twitter users want to gain more followers. Some users think that increasing their tweets can increase their follower count. But is it so? If you look at the most popular Twitter pages, you will see that their tweets are very few; some users only have one tweet per day. You could only tweet in a context where you have something to say. Remember, quality is essential on Twitter, not quantity. No one likes to know that you lost your sock today or that you are bored.

6. Control the working time with the application

One of the reasons for working too much with Twitter and other social networks is internet addiction. Fortunately, there are applications designed to manage work with mobile phones that help you to control the duration of using your mobile phone. It helps to reduce internet usage and time management. Do it with an application; sometimes, we forget the passage of time when working with a mobile phone or laptop, and we may unintentionally spend a lot of time on social media.

Do you have any suggestions for time management with Twitter? How many hours do you work with social networks? Please write me your solution. Finally, follow me on Twitter as well.

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