Why successful people wear the same clothes every day?

Why successful people wear the same thing every day?

What is the secret of dressing modestly and wearing the same clothes as prominent people? Have you ever thought about the time you spend choosing clothes to wear daily? Do you start dressing up an hour earlier when you want to go to work or a party? Why do some successful people around the world wear simple clothes? What is the secret to that? “Deciding what to wear” is a challenge for many people, especially when they want to go out or meet someone. They have trouble finding something suitable and fit to wear. Various caricatures show a girl opening her wardrobe full of clothes but nagging about having nothing to wear. But if we look at Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and even Albert Einstein, we see that they usually wore the same clothes. In this article, I want to tell you the reason for this and the benefits of wearing the same clothes.

Is it okay to wear the same outfits?

I don’t mean fashion is worthless. Fashion can be a sign of culture, art, and beauty. The highest purpose of fashion is to dress us to make us neater. So we can interact strongly with others and make a better impression on ourselves and others. If we look at singers and actors, we will see that most of them are trying to draw people’s attention to themselves with beautiful and exorbitant clothes. Models, singers, and actors are famous figures that people try to identify with them.

In contrast, another group of famous people wears simple clothes that surprise people. One day, my friend was talking to me about Steve Jobs’ shirt and jeans. He said to me: “I don’t know why Steve Jobs doesn’t wear a good and expensive outfit with all this money. Maybe he is stingy! I told him this could not be a sign of his greed. If you remember that he has been dressing in the same outfit for a long time, then the story is different.

Celebrities who wear the simple outfits

If we want to name the famous people of the world who wear the simplest clothes, we should mention Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein, a prominent scientist, had several suits of the same type

Albert Einstein, a great and famous scientist, had several suits of the same type. If you look at Einstein’s hair, you might say he was the world’s unkempt physicist. There is an exciting story about this.

He had a simple life and was inattentive to the clothes he wore. one day, his friend asked him: professor! Why don’t you buy new clothes? He smiled and replied: “What for? everyone knows who I am”. After several months, his friend met Einstein in another city; he noticed the famous jacket and humorously asked: “Did you wear your leather jacket again!?” He answered: “It doesn’t matter. Nobody knows me here.”

If most of us are ashamed of shabby clothes and shoddy furniture, let us be more ashamed of shabby ideas and shoddy philosophies… It would be a sad situation if the wrapper were better than the meat wrapped inside it.

Albert Einstein
Why successful people wear the same thing every day?

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the founder of the Apple company, was placed in front of people’s eyes and cameras with the same clothes for a long time. As I said, he wore a dark shirt and jeans for years. Jobs talked about his black turtleneck and that he has 100 of them! Steve Jobs has done this purposefully to reduce tedious decisions so that he can devote his time to deciding on more essential issues.

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and head of Facebook is wearing simple t-shirts. Time magazine called him the unattractive and the most bad-looking rich man in the world. He sat in front of the camera in an interview with the BBC in jeans and Adidas slippers! He considers the reason for wearing repetitive clothes to preserve his mental energy.

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Former US President Barack Obama always wears a gray or blue suit. He says this:

I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing because I have too many other choices to make.

Barack Obama

He is right about this. As the president of the United States, he has to make decisions on which the lives of millions of people depend. In such a situation, it is ridiculous to talk about the color and material of the suit. Not only Obama but many politicians worldwide have the same one-colored clothing. For example, we can mention John Kerry, Putin, Stalin, and many others. You can find dozens of famous people wearing the same clothes. Now let’s ask ourselves this question: Why do some famous and successful people worldwide wear simple and uniform clothes?

Why do some famous people always wear the same clothes?

I will answer this question as a psychologist. Successful and influential people in the world must make big decisions in their lives; Such people have a plan for every second of their life, so they refuse to waste time. Of course, note that success does not come only by wearing the same and repetitive clothes, but this is one of the most effective actions, and you must have proper performance in the way of thinking, decision-making, planning, and other areas of life in order to be able to achieve outcomes.

1. Money does not buy happiness.

Money does not bring you happiness and serenity. However, poverty can lead to depression. Money is a tool for providing financial needs. Shopaholics visit a psychologist more than others and are deeply upset about not enjoying their lives. The main reason originates from being excessively prodigal. A shopaholic buys everything they seem to like; over time, they start looking for something more impeccable. They pursue perfectionism, so they buy more and more, but nothing seems satisfying enough. Some people like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs are wealthy and buy precious objects, but they do not become enslaved by those things. You’d better know the probability of getting OCD among those who are strict with selecting clothes and look for perfectionism is more than others.

2. The human body is noble with a human soul; This beautiful cloth is not a sign of Humanity.

Saadi’s beautiful poem tells us that people’s value depends on his life and notion, not what he wears. People who are well-known in the world do not need to affect others with their styles and clothing. We are drawn to their manners and achievements. We should observe our surroundings. Which one are we more drawn to? Einstein’s principles, Steve Jobs’s work, Mark Zuckerberg’s intelligence, Justin Bieber’s videos, and Nicki Minaj’s clothing? Success is not about popularity.

3. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

This famous Da Vinci quote greatly impacted Steve Jobs’ life. We perceive simplicity not only in the way he dresses but also in Apple accessories.

Should we wear the same clothes every day, too?

You’re mistaken if you assume that wearing the same clothes is the path to success. It is a choice that can make it easier to achieve your dreams, but it’s not all it takes to get there!  Working hard, overcoming procrastination, and finally flourishing in your talents, are the keys to success.  If you want to wear the same clothes every day and copy leading people, you should know there is more to success. You’d better throw away your clothes and put ten identical suits in your wardrobe after learning the abovementioned skills.

Advantages of wearing the same clothing

Less decision-making

Making decisions about some things, even negligible can make us worried and troubled. Let’s go back to the example of girls who have a closet full of clothes and don’t know what to wear. If we reduce variety, we can make decisions more efficiently and keep our minds ready to make decisions and solve more critical issues. Making fewer decisions helps us conserve our energy.

Using time wisely

Time is more valuable than gold. Think about how much time you waste in a week choosing clothes and sets, And what more important things could you spend this time on?

Reducing stress and mental pressure

Some people face various concerns when choosing clothes. They worry that their clothes are appropriate for where they are going. People often regret selecting an outfit and attending a party or meeting and conclude that they should have worn different clothes. This issue can cause stress and mental pressure in a person. If we limit our choice of clothes, our distress will gradually decrease, and we won’t have to worry about this anymore.

People also ask (FAQ)

Why do successful people wear same outfits?

They aim to reduce decision-making, save energy, reduce stress, and save time.

Does wearing the same clothes cause depression?

So far, no evidence wearing the same clothing causes depression. But wearing the same clothes reduces stress due to the reduction of decisions and mental pressure.

Which successful people wear the same thing?

Albert Einstein was among those who wore the same clothes. Barack Obama, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are also on this list.

Do you have trouble choosing clothes, or do you do it quickly? I would be happy to know your experience and opinion about wearing the same clothes and how to choose a dress for a party.

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